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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.960 HAHAHA This was honestly one of the best episodes I've seen. Good job Carbot, and Merry Christmas!
0.952 I might be misunderstanding the post, but Hearthstone and WoW both let you use the store in game already, and in pretty sure Heroes does too.
0.948 i love it but i prefer last year's christmas still amazing episode keep up the good work <3
0.940 Wasn't around to see these, but I did find this: http://i.imgur.com/QyggCzc.gif It's pretty good :D
0.930 If you trust aligulac.com it gives a pretty good chance to Byun winning it all.
0.920 The grand prize is 200k and Byun is a heavy favorite to win .
0.912 When he first agreed to the deal, it was obvious that he was indifferent at best to who Kerrigan was and genuinely thought this would be an easy road to freedom.
0.911 Gratz France! MarineLord played really well , but I can't get rid of this feeling that both Parting and especially Innovation played below their standard.
0.902 Anyone have any suggestions of less toxic games we could enjoy? Edit: It triggers both of my brothers and me but especially the autist Edit 2: Thank you for gold kind stranger!!!!
0.901 As it becomes more and more clear that his best friend genuinely cares about this person, he is dealing with this inner turmoil more visibly.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.941 Banelings, Scourge, Zerglings and even Aberrations don't care about taking more damage, they will just die anyway before they get high kill count.
-0.886 Swarm Hosts and Carriers also get kill count when their summoned units kill something, so probably both get the debuff.
-0.872 The thing that scares me the most is how quickly they kill pylons which could make holding a rush very difficult
-0.866 > You even have blind identity today and blind activists try to prevent blind children who can be cured from being cured to make them keep their blind identity.
-0.794 If you were only commenting on the motives behind reclassification, without any respect to their impact on current treatment, then I don't really care to argue.
-0.778 It would make base-trading a Terran an even bigger pain in the ass
-0.770 So maybe insult is the wrong word for that.
-0.758 I don't think a name change should be all that's needed to get away with being a pathological liar who screwed over players.
-0.758 He played aggressive and Byun punished him with the simplest harass, a mine drop.
-0.758 No doubt zergs are struggling today.
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