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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.919 The excellent teacher, the great coaches in your life, and the best bosses have all risen your level of performance through out your life.
0.911 As a Portuguese I'm very proud of reaching this far, will hope for the best at the final.
0.909 I'm not asking because I don't know, I'm asking because I'm looking for a laugh and love confusing Americans XD
0.896 It's like if England started exporting great American Football managers or if the best basketball players suddenly came from Algeria.
0.883 That's pretty good, clever joke.
0.883 Hitting a shot like that is incredibly satisfying I'm so glad I had someone to share that moment with.
0.878 Thinly veiled jealousy, I admit, but if the US national team won the World Cup, the majority of US people would only care for about 1 week and because evrybody is talking about it.
0.875 This, coupled with good reflexes makes a great spotter :)
0.875 I love the way that when she saw the fireworks her confidence boosted a bit.
0.872 ESPN is strapped for cash, lost is best managers, had to let go a lot of their talent, and show not the best sports anymore.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.908 Oh yeah,except for the illegal war, the faked evidence so that he could justify going to the war.the death of a million iraqi civilians.
-0.875 Buster Posey suffered massive ankle damage from a collision that sparked the MLB to rewrite the rules on collisions at the plate.
-0.874 The failure to do your job properly once is a significantly more offensive grievance than every other player's job to do their job once...twice...or any dozens of times.
-0.872 I forced myself to vote and the bullshit that was on the ballot disappointed me greatly.
-0.869 Joey Bautista is a selfish piece of shit and bumped chests with the wrong dude.
-0.863 To say he's a serial killer is to say anyone who has done a couple of drive-byes is a serial killer.
-0.838 Public transport sucks, and our leader is a weak moron, but it could be worse.
-0.836 Fool me once shame on me, fool me twice...
-0.832 He raped somebody you moron
-0.827 Gah, fuck that weird ass commercial.
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