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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.938 And stopping helped me gain confidence and mature, to an extent, not to mention no lady I've talked to thinking chewed up nail stubs look nice. You know your brother better than I do...
0.932 Then, eventually, you fall in love and find your special girl and live in peace and happiness.
0.926 Lmao that's pretty aggressive bro ;) I actually have a solid group of friends and make new ones easily.
0.914 She's like "oh your poor thing etc etc" but I'm like grandma relax its fine lol.
0.912 You show them that you're not afraid of your true nature, and because of that, they trust that you will accept their true nature as well.
0.899 Being honest will always bring you good as long as it's never offending in a degrading way to the person you talk to.
0.881 You should focus on making sure people can trust you and then trusting others will become easy.
0.872 You have great friends and go to parties in pools and expensive restaurants.
0.869 Get smart, get strong and work on being charming: http://www.artofmanliness.com/
0.836 Yes tooth chips and some light gingivitis, luckily the gingivitis is almost gone, however some of the chips will be there for good.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.802 Worry about how it feels. There's no wrong way to dance.
-0.791 Some people just have terribly unhealthy social media habits.
-0.778 I would want it brought up, I didn't see all the negative effects until they had been pointed out to me, even though its glaringly obvious to see how it hurt me now.
-0.758 Yep, but as soon as you recognize it was your parents fault for the way you are, it becomes your fault from then on out for changing or not changing.
-0.731 Biting my nails didn't help reassure me when I was anxious, it didn't help me focus while watching a film, and it was definitely not a constructive way to deal with boredom.
-0.721 Not to be rude, but that's a reason people don't want to be around me when I'm feelin down from insecurities or what not.
-0.713 I remember I'd rather try and KNOW I did my part to be social so I can stop blaming myself.
-0.681 The goal is to avoid having made-up thoughts that are unhealthy for you.
-0.680 No it's the children who are wrong!
-0.671 I know I'll regret not taking chances like saying hi.
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