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0.963 Some glorious comments there. --- "I swear to god this transfer window is like a fucking FIFA game gone wrong." "went pretty well for United don't cha think" --- "I love him.
0.954 Its financial offer was equally interesting. So it's basically a prize - called the FIFA World Player - for best footballer in the world and not the best footballer in Europe. Interesting stuff
0.949 The award isn't "Player whose teams won the best trophies" it's "Best player".
0.948 He's in a better league at a club with a better chance of winning the champions league, and could they offer him much better wages?
0.942 Hahaha this reminds me of your hubris in 14/15, when Ancelotti had won the treble by December, but then it turned out Barcelona won everything there was to win.
0.939 When the original report came out yesterday, there was people saying he was a prick for leaving Huddersfield lol Fair play to him, I think he's a great manager, great personality too.
0.938 That might be true at points, but it's certainly not always true. Also, you know the idea of a competition is to find out who's the best, right?
0.937 They played their last two international games pretty well, so I'm pretty sure they should be good enough.
0.933 Haha, I certainly hope heaven is a bit better than Wigan!!
0.932 So, I think it might be on the FA's to give the refs more help, a better chance to gain respect.

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-0.958 Also FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK ....
-0.957 Maybe not, but surely hiring someone we fired years ago for being awful was a bad move?
-0.933 Germany killed Argentina in Brazil 2014 and Italy in this Euro, that was sad for me but France...France...FRANCE KILLED THE ICELAND MEME!!!
-0.932 Fuck fuck fuck fuck.
-0.925 Fuck off with that flair shite, cunt. He's not the best, the best pundits are on radio by far.
-0.917 Pep's attire screams 'Fuck this football shit, I wanna be a Bond villain'
-0.908 Arguable offensive, insulting and/or abusive language/gesture, and that is a direct red card.
-0.906 I can only share my own expericence, some people will disagree but: Bad stuff: war with russia in the east.
-0.905 How is this anything but bullying and by proxy shit punditry?
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