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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.959 You have had so many funny moments in your life and it's great to hear about how much fun you are and how much fun you have. My goal is to eventually become the best in Melee and Smash 4.
0.950 Wow now they sponsor my favorite league player and my favorite Smash player :D Oh and the owner was on my favorite basketball team :D:D:D
0.949 YES ITS SO GOOD OMG best bbq I've ever had easily
0.949 We think we can create the best product for celebrating moments created by streamers, and for rewarding streamers for creating those moments.
0.948 Her cover of "Safe and Sound" was my favorite cover in my music playlist. I didn't even know she played Smash, but her musical talent and personality sure seemed amazing.
0.948 Best villager in US will be there "MJG" best Mario in midwest will be there "DAN" Real good Diddy 2nd best in midwest JJROCKETS will be there, and more people.
0.948 ROFL I love that moment from super troopers :)
0.946 This is awesome, great idea and even better execution, I would love more of these
0.941 Hope we can see more Top 8 performance from him. Overall, a pretty great and very surprising Top 8.
0.940 Yo Mew2King, you'll probably never see this but you're the sole reason I got into watching competitive melee, you're amazing and I hope you can get the help you need.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.957 Larry used DK against Void and Cloud is very much so a rage based character in that he can kill around 80 with rage or Limit Slash.
-0.939 Kill la Kill bitches!
-0.934 I don't even follow them, but fuck if someone's hard work goes to shit and we can't help him out.
-0.931 Larry also killed Void with a Rage UAir game one on Lylat, although you're right that Fox is not normally focused on building rage. I guess I just wanted to acknowledge this rather than assert it.
-0.924 It's so hard but fucking hell I'll be damned if it's not the funniest game I've ever played.
-0.904 Thought about posting but wasn't sure if it would have violated the rules Regardless, it's sad to see her go, RIP
-0.902 This is tragic as hell, always sucks seeing someone struck down in their prime, and my condolences to everyone close to her.
-0.892 I thought it was another lesser known sponsor but according to this threat I guess I am wrong.
-0.888 Excuse me if this has already been brought up but how/why? It feels like people are heartbroken and I get that but considering I don't know this singer at all, I'm not heartbroken.
-0.886 Kill La Kill opening Kreygasm
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