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0.856 simple combos ** one of the best slow cooked flavours for me is pork/beef mince slow cooked from cold in tomato sauce - something about not browning it adds a diff flavour and I love it
0.848 Great alternative to pulled pork, get the gang together and have amazing tacos!
0.846 It falls apart but because it's been kept moist in the stew it's pretty good.
0.832 iberico pig cheeks man, would love to get them only ever used beef, but they are amazing in the slow cooker
0.813 Add the crabmeat and gently fold in. Place in oven safe dish and bake at 350 degrees for 25 to 30 minutes. When done blend in cup of sherry. *If you can get Jumbo Lump I would recommend it.
0.807 That's a great idea, thanks!
0.802 Nice, I personally like a good fall off the bone rib.
0.799 Save your chicken from drowning: Bishops suggests putting chicken pieces in a foil packet Ehhh, maybe, but it's probably better to just sit it on top of vegatables and/or potatoes. >3 .
0.796 Super good stuff, very tasty!
0.784 Tender, wonderfully caramelized, and not dry at all :)

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.772 Brace yourself for all the haters telling you fall off the bone is bad and they're overcooked.
-0.735 It's gotten worse and worse over the years.
-0.700 Pasta is delicate and doesn't deserve this abuse.
-0.586 It just has you dump all the ingredients into your slow cooker at once, no browning or really any prep required.
-0.585 My go to is melting butter and mixing garlic powder, garlic salt, a jalapeo rub, and a little black pepper and injecting those bad boys!
-0.510 PSA: this isn't as great a deal as it sounds.
-0.501 Cat piss???
-0.477 Took a shower, came back, and bam, broken lid
-0.382 Pasta is delicate and doesn't deserve this abuse. I have done pasta successfully in the slow-cooker.
-0.369 It's a **slow cooker**, you don't need to give a jumpstart to anything to ensure that it's cooked consistently, unless you're doing it wrong and not giving it enough time. >4 .
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