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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.925 Hahaha This was great thanks for sharing :,)
0.881 Skyrim is an awesome game, possibly even the greatest RPG us console players have ever been graced with.
0.875 :D D: :D D:
0.872 Also after you play a character into the 30's you have a lot better idea about what you like about the game and what you think could be improved.
0.852 There are definitely a lot of shit mods out there, but there are a lot of amazing mods too that change the game enough to make the quests interesting again.
0.848 Yeah, that one is awesome. Nothing better than sniping dragons out of the air with a longbow.
0.847 Conjuration will always be amazing, so it's a great one to major in.
0.844 When another planet is super close that's the best part.
0.844 Hahaha I fucking love it.
0.840 This sounds amazing and I'd love to take part.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.891 In both those games, by late game I was just a murder machine, even when cranking up the difficulty in W3 and turning on enemy level scaling.
-0.878 and where you get outside to fight Farkas to show him what I can do, it aggro'd the entire Companions standing anywhere nearby, and they all attacked me and killed me.
-0.875 He killed me. He killed me again.
-0.875 I wanted a way to use that sword so bad but it is so bad.
-0.863 Dead Thrall allows you to animate dead bodies as followers for basically forever.
-0.852 Dont worry, i hide the bodies of everyone i 'accidentally' kill on the roads.
-0.840 Just useless rumors, fake leaks, fake covers, etc.
-0.840 I hate that I'm such an achievement whore.
-0.826 *"You fucking fat faggot!"* *"I screwed your mum!"* *"Eat shit and die!"* *"I...
-0.824 The 2 things that will piss you off the most are the inability to jump while running, and the inability to check corpses and containers for loot without opening them.
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