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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.876 I feel like I could go on Fanfiction.net and read the same thing, but free and probably written better.
0.852 My favorite giveaway toy for my friends' 2 year olds are hand bell. Cheap.
0.813 It was great fun.
0.808 6'8 option makes me so happy :-)
0.768 Hey I'm late to this but I think it's a great idea.
0.757 These would make great drink coasters as well!
0.691 I'm in the Amazon Vine program, so my reviews are noted that I get the item for free by Amazon.
0.681 Feel free to expand on your thoughts behind this.
0.681 I like how you can buy the parts and build your own with friends.
0.670 Well congrats.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.927 Which is cool, but the arc is kind of small and it's a little arduous to light cigs and things with. Edit: Also, a big negative was that it emitted this terrible high pitched whine when in use.
-0.883 No worries if not, totally a fair price at $75, it's just that I'm Indian so I have to at least ask, what's the worst that could happen.
-0.813 Will annoys the hell out of the parents for the next 15 years.
-0.784 Dumbest shit ever.
-0.746 My kids could not resist hugging it every time they walked by, crawling on it, cuddling it - no matter what they had been doing previously or how dirty that activity was.
-0.735 I want to stress previously because it rapidly got utterly disgusting.
-0.637 There's no turn over any more I used to be able to hop over here and sort through a 20-40 posts a day and decide for myself and down vote stuff that sucked.
-0.611 She wants it so badly.
-0.586 What are the stats on [this bullshit right here]?
-0.572 I'm just downvoteing this whole post I still hate how overly moderated this sub has become.
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