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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.832 love this, I had a cup of broccoli and a few leftover shrimp - random refrigerator clippings hahaha
0.823 laugh all you want, I made this last night with garlic, parmesan, and capers - it was delicious.
0.813 Pretty sure it's good.
0.796 Mmmmmmm, I love me some moldy-looking pastry. ...I hope this wasn't from one of those gifs that end with "Tasty"
0.791 The wheat flour gives a better texture, makes it feel crispier, and keeps a great color. The marinade is just GOYA Mojo criollo.
0.784 I for one enjoy haggis , and my mother once bought me one of these cans as a joke. It looks and smells like cat food.
0.772 This wins the internet today :)
0.772 I love this incorporating an amusement park into our day.
0.768 It was a bit of work, but they were great.
0.765 It was supremely good.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

Score Sentence
-0.858 fucking hell I feel sick
-0.826 Very shitty, who the fuck makes a bagel out of the trash parts and not the crunch berries?!
-0.796 Fuck off, rule 1: "submissions must be shitty food"
-0.791 They tried removing the holes earlier this year and eeeeeeeverybody got mad, so they spouted some corporate bullshit and undid it.
-0.778 You're a sick fuck.
-0.754 I have no doubt that this was great once it was cooked, but this is one of the worst times to take that picture.
-0.735 Also fuck those green giant garbage green beans, they taste like a cat pissed on some hot cardboard
-0.715 What the hell is going on with that cheese??
-0.710 I hate dry camping, I'm always worried I'll run out of water even if I have plenty, I drink a ton of water.
-0.681 It's messy and gross to make.
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