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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.919 >Yes good that's the attitude that will serve you best, never lose that. Don't worry, we don't lose much.
0.904 Most people have very old ones, which don't have the autopilot feature. Best of luck, and happy flying!
0.893 One of them loves to just have fun and not do anything important, all while making their own lore and theories to share with friends.
0.880 They appear to be clear again. TL;DR - Waters are pretty cool guys as long as they're not being violently ass-blasted out of a spooky tube.
0.872 You need to get yourself energized, thus giving you an electric personality. To get myself to this energized state, I chug at least 40 5-hour energies and eat at least 1 pound of sugar.
0.868 If they're in a group, they want to look cool for all of their friends, so large object like the wind or tornadoes are cooler than normal due to every single particle trying to look cool at once.
0.866 They also love talking to outsiders about it, and encourage people to join, even if it seems iffy. The other is Trekkies.
0.856 Yes but it takes a lot of Cannabis, but with a friend and the right pipe and like maybe a vacuum pump you can perpetually dab.
0.827 The rocks get it nice and holey and then if you can catch that water you'll have holy water, hope this helps.
0.823 The best kind breh.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.915 Scientists are trying to cure this horrible ailment but they can't seem to do it, meaning most people born on Leap Year's Day die before they're 20 :(
-0.869 If you use germ-x twice you will fill up the rest of the 0.01% killing in the end only killing 99.98% of all germs.
-0.855 Sadly it is extremely difficult to cold turkey cold turkey, most people fail in the first week.
-0.852 This makes the mentos very happy for a brief time, but also very agitated, leading to violent outbursts. Coke bought on the street are often "cut" or mixed with sugar, leading to obesity.
-0.840 Arguments cause rivalry, which causes the car companies to start threatening each other with nuclear weapons.
-0.836 Shit that means I'm dead right now right?
-0.832 Suddenly, they are pushed out of the tube violently, and into the light, which scares the crap out of them.
-0.827 The assailant then gets their insult back, and dies from the agony. Humans are losing that trait though due to literally everybody fucking and making babby forms.
-0.822 I can tell you someone who's concerned, and that's the sun! He's getting worried how he's gonna carry our fat collective ass with all these babies and crap being made.
-0.805 I'm sorry to say, but it's cancer.
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