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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.947 So in honor of my friend could you please treat your friend like he was Jewish?
0.946 Coat hanger is ok - but you could do better asking for one of those super strong suction vacuum tubes..
0.907 On the one hand, Obama seems the best choice... **ON THE OTHER HAND, PICK OBAMA**
0.904 It'll prove to everyone how rich, powerful and fearless you truly are.
0.901 You need to know the basic course plotting [axioms] so like, um yeh, set a course for adventure your mind on a new romance and it'll all be good.
0.898 I hope the rest of the posts are as good. As for my advice - you should treat him like a straight white guy.
0.893 haha ahahahaha lmao okay that was funny
0.891 Make sweet passionate love to them if they are same sex.
0.872 Of course you'd hang out in a sub full of retards, but you probably think they're super smart.
0.867 but from what I've read it was actually pretty strong.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

Score Sentence
-0.936 No body will mess with the crazy bastard who would kill an unarmed man in his employ in cold blood.
-0.930 Just ass rape the poor guy already, he's most likely missing it.
-0.929 It's Guerrilla warfare, you fucking ass douchebag cunt 6.
-0.928 that didn't work well in the documentary "Mars Attacks" The dove was one of the first things they killed because they knew that all birds are evil http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x-2VmohG_Pk
-0.923 I'm sorry, but this is terrible advice that, if taken, will cause a direct violation of the law of shitty evolution, which is grounds for a hefty fine.
-0.919 You confront the lying cheating whore first of course...
-0.897 That mother fucker wasn't even born in the same month as me yet no one gives a flying fuck about a birthday on 12/25!!!
-0.891 That ass of a principle of theirs threatened to have them expelled if they flunked history, so they went back to Elizabethan London to bring William Shakespeare back with them.
-0.873 So you mean if I murder someone after raping them to remove the evidence, I'll get a more favourable sentence?
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