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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.977 When you're rich and have a nice car, nice house, nice job, nice clothes, and nice looks, it's pretty easy to feel confident.
0.961 I was creepy and weird, but that can be nice and loved (; - if you're willing to accept and be true to yourself.
0.958 Otherwise you'll be living in a pile of shit with nothing but anger and a pile useless of "thanks". Great thread, hope others will take the best out of it as well.
0.957 Not Carnegie Hall good, but something you'd be happy to play in front of a few friends at a party.
0.955 These are good traits, but there are successful people who accomplish great things without doing them.
0.944 TL:DR - Make yourself awesome, you will feel awesome, other people will think you're awesome. Nice work.
0.941 How exactly has your life improved? How do you use the time you freed up by cutting electronics? What are your sources of entertainment now, what do you do for fun? Are you happier?
0.940 Gratefulness is never a bad thing, or rather the impact of gratefulness on your happiness and quality of life is never a bad thing.
0.939 >With whom are my best conversations? My buds >With which topics are my best conversations? Where the world is going, tech, science cool stuff, optimism, planning.
0.933 You will also FEEL so good on the inside, the breathe work and techniques for calming and centering your mind will give you wonderful super powers.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.946 Yeah, but it just feels better to think that dirty whores will be dirty whores forever.
-0.944 And maybe there were normal conversations, but the fear of being attacked for "getting it wrong" blocked out the normalcy of it.
-0.941 Fear of rejection is a huge fear for many of us, and sometimes it seems the risk isn't worth the reward, even if it's a reward we really want.
-0.910 " - Siddhartha # >"Tell your heart that the fear of suffering is worse than the suffering itself.
-0.908 Obviously if you are watching fucked up shit it will have an unhealthy effect.
-0.908 When your chosen solution to a problem is not beneficial or sustainable in the long term, you have expel more and more resources just to keep afloat and are still fighting a losing battle.
-0.893 If I do something silly I'll call myself a useless twat or a fucking idiot.
-0.880 It was a ridiculously bad habit that I had picked up, that i'm still working on to this day. When **YOU** don't value you boundaries, no one will value them either.
-0.879 It is in no way a good thing to do, of course, but many people tend to portray the cheater as a bad person.
-0.858 By the tenth "circle of death" as they call it, your heart is no longer in your throat. The gym I go to isn't in the best part of the city.
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