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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.962 I hope you have a really happy holiday and create great conversations and fun traditions with your family!
0.959 I forgot to say trick or treat a dozen times last night but my friends and I said "thank you", and "have a good night" or "happy halloween" at just about every house.
0.950 I hope your life gets better and best of luck! Peace, Tiago
0.948 We're so poor, we live in the same house my great great grandfather lived in. Best of luck to you. Peace, Tiago
0.929 Well good luck hope everything goes the way you want it to go. Peace, Tiago
0.914 I live a first-world life with a surfeit of material comfort, and access to emotional support from those who love me, should I wish for it.
0.914 I played Heroes for a bit because games can be only 15 minutes, but ultimately...it's better to spend that time doing things that will make you feel happy in the long run.
0.910 Worked for me, and I hope you can figure something out so that you may enjoy your time home without the fear of judgement. Merry Christmas!
0.906 That's good to hear, I bet he's happy that he has a owner like you to take care of him.
0.902 It truly does, I hope yours improves, friend!

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.946 **EXISTENCE IS FUTILITY.** Only my sheer, utter, and total hatred for everything that exists, including myself, prevents me from killing myself. That's what the fuck. TL;DR Fuck your humanity.
-0.881 Or how much less hate I have for people around me after my classmate bullied me and told me "I hope you and your dad goes to hell" shortly after his burial.
-0.868 So you get angry, you get sad for no reason, you forget things, your moods determine everything you do.
-0.863 It shattered, but I just wanted to drink my bitter lemon :(
-0.859 Jesus Christ, I had no idea you could get such permanent hearing damage from something so seemingly innocuous as firing a gun or attending a concert!
-0.859 Walk into the wrong fucking fight, and get your ass kicked, then say "nu-uh, that didn't count.
-0.844 Look at this abortion of punctuation and grammar on the first page of your comments. It's as if a retarded mouth-breather fucked James Joyce...
-0.833 There are some facets of your feelings here, and your insecurities, that are poisonous to a relationship if it's not 1000% mature, and she's not totally 110% into you.
-0.828 T_D, ETS, even non-political subs censor and ban people to doing things that don't fit the theme of the sub).
-0.822 My hatred flows from that, because I am, generally speaking, an absolutely terrible person.
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