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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.977 Great charity May you and yours and everyone else have MOST EXCELLENT Holiday and an EVEN More Prosperous and Blessed New Year
0.964 This is my first year, but I just assume that anyone who doesn't supply as much information as possible is leaving it up to their Santa's cleverness and good taste, and they enjoy a good surprise.
0.963 I'm so happy for OP receiving this gift, and I'm happy that gifters like /u/SpikeX are out there going above and beyond to spread holiday cheer.
0.963 Charming, funny, witty, generous, caring Congrats on your gift!
0.963 You made me smile and cry happy tears! It was so amazing to see the look on your face and how chocking this was for you :D Congratulations and enjoy!
0.961 I hope that everyone gets aweesome xmas or whatever holiday gifts because today I got an awesome gift from my friend and it made me happy : )
0.961 Yay so you are the lucky person who has Snoop Dogg as your secret santa :) I hope your going to frame the Christmas card :) the presents all look great!
0.960 True giving and fun spirit, hats off to you! It was my first year participating and all I have to say is that its been great, will signup again next year inspired by those like you.
0.960 I'm so happy you love it as much as I enjoyed making it, Happy Holidays to you and your family again!
0.955 That is pretty awesome, congrats on your awesome cow, keeping people alive and everything.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.958 Still angry with my parents but they hate each other enough so I cant even get myself to hate them properly... PPS: it would be the biggest fuck you to me if they actually participated in this.
-0.938 i underspent on my gift....i only spent 25 usd... :l but i fucked up badly and did it during a storm and shipping got delayed so i had to upgrade it to two day shipping.
-0.920 As someone whose desktop just broke, and being to poor afford a new one I'm so freaking jealous!
-0.902 My boyfriend saw how much my postage was for my SS giftee and made me feel awful about it :( telling me how stupid it is to waste money on people I don't even know...
-0.898 The blowjobs were awful , and the first time I fucked her doggy I looked down at her ass and witnessed a giant hemorrhoid.
-0.876 Usually the intake photos are just enough for a possible owner to ID their pet but some pets Come in scared or aggressive and the photos sort of suck due to behavior complications.
-0.873 Meaning I broke one, got that replaced, then that one also broke, so now I have a broken one that I'm not even sure I can get replaced anymore...
-0.863 The story of how poor Chris P got fired :(
-0.852 I fear the same, mine is still with 29th Nov for check date, I fear for a rematch :(
-0.848 Poor idiot broke a claw off all the way down to the quick.
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