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0.952 Isn't the largest component of mental health happiness? Seems like this is saying "happy people are twice as happy as average rich people." I mean...
0.939 From time to time I need the grandest of nature to remind me true love, which is the love from mother nature.
0.935 So, I wouldn't consider that a cure, but it seems like it should be a pretty great treatment.
0.935 Note that this study hasn't been peer reviewed yet, though it's from a pretty well respected lab and the reaction from the population genetics blogosphere seems pretty positive so far.
0.910 you are not only competing with your friends and neighbors, you're competing with the best of the best.
0.909 I mean, you still can't let people die because they don't have a degree, but any incentive that makes it advantageous for a country to take in refugees is probably a good thing.
0.900 Thanks a lot - I'll have a look into that book (: Thanks for that list also, it's very interesting.
0.898 yeah, last time I posted here I got the same message, luckily tha post wasn't removed and guess what, it ended up being best link of the day, yeah think about it
0.898 They're super peaceful because their great body strength had to be carefully controlled or death could easily result from a minor disagreement.
0.883 In psychology, though, the more confident someone is that their experimental setup is free of confounds, the less confident I am in their results.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.943 It then becomes a positive feed back loop; the depressed user turns to social media looking for a connection, but instead sees the hate and horribleness of humanity, becoming even more depressed.
-0.922 > The vast majority of male and female victims of rape experienced abuse from male perpetrators >a 2012 study using data from the U.
-0.920 So my IBS, lower back pain, constant fatigue, unexplained muscle soreness, sleeplessness, and depression might be all linked?
-0.919 Ex gf took depo, since stopping over ten years ago, her mestruation is hell and she is still depressed as fuck.
-0.914 He went from confusion to skepticism to righteous fury to resigned contempt after about 4 minutes of questions.
-0.910 Violence, hysteria, suicide, teen pregnancy.
-0.910 There has been clinical trial data on metformin for cancer that showed conflicting results on its affects on cancer cells.
-0.910 The fact that this is considered to be a standard of masculinity is disgusting, and it's this kind of thing that leads to suicide being the number 1 cause of death in young men.
-0.898 Meaning just the fact that people are poor causes them health problems that lead to being poor or prevent them from climbing up from being poor in the future.
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