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0.920 I'm reasonably certain Joss had an awesome movie like the first Avengers lined up and Ike Perlmutter spent a good deal of time mucking with it creatively to line up the next movies.
0.893 He makes fun of himself too, and self deprecation makes for some of the best source of laughs, to me.
0.891 He had a pretty long career, lots of endorsements, and as far as I know had a good financial advisor helping him manage and invest cleverly.
0.875 I believe there is a treatment before it causes brain damage, but Mexico in the 1960s wasn't really the place to get the best care.
0.836 Still though, it's click bait, but not as bad as those "SHOCKING: YOU WONT BELIVE HER SECRET!!!" Or something like that.
0.813 In other words, successful people are rich, who don't get looped into non-specific tasks at indeterminate times.
0.802 God, the dry humor is so perfect.
0.799 Yes, speaking 5 languages is impressive, but if you're raised in a bilingual environment, you're probably going to speak both languages regardless of your intelligence.
0.796 Just a very rough outline but we kinda do know what he looks like thanks to that
0.788 This sub is the FUCKING BEST EVER.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.888 Specifically, you would drown, be crushed by the whale's tongue as it separates the krill from water, or be crushed by water pressure when the whale dives down.
-0.880 Dead eyes and all. Fucking hell.
-0.870 I started that, but was massively put off by utterly uncalled for racism and aggression at the people who acted in the videos a few minutes in.
-0.839 I really need to stop posting shit while tired.
-0.796 Even if you post "Fuck trump" in T_D, all those subs ban you instantly.
-0.791 Until then, he's going to make a shit ton of money off of stupid people.
-0.790 Saved me a click, but didn't save me the disappointment.
-0.778 It's sad, horrifying and concerning all at the same time how deep into the delusion she seems to be.
-0.778 I guess technically you're correct, but the associated deaths with abuse might cause more deaths.
-0.765 > that part fucked me up as a kid for a good couple weeks The movie was originally X-rated for extreme violence and gore, and was edited down to get an R rating for release.
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