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0.955 12k but strava says 11.8 *gives strava the middle finger* with 147m of gain. *Weekly Totals:* 21.8km and 330m of gain. *Thoughts:* honestly, I haven't hopped on the scale in like a month.....
0.955 They cost $80 which isn't great but they're SO COMFORTABLE that they're definitely worth every cent. So here's what I look for in my ideal running shorts: 1.
0.941 Cheers wasn't as comfortable as I would have liked but nice to stay cool I guess?? A run around the heads sounds awesome
0.931 Man, I wish they gave free trials of Pro, I resisted it for a long time but I got it from a friend on here and it's SO much better!
0.918 And now I love it, live on the trails, and run 40-50 mpw happily. Congratulations on your accomplishment!
0.917 You did such an amazing job, congrats on finishing 3rd and running a great race!!
0.917 The best thing is to think of progress and consistency across months, rather than days and weeks good luck
0.902 I managed to get a personal best for 1k , which really excited me because my previous best came from running down a 10% grade for the first half kilometer.
0.902 And I make the strap tight enough that it doesn't move, which is pretty comfortable and it tends to stay in place pretty easily. How long have you had it for?
0.900 I understand that time is not good, but It's my best time ever, and now I just have to figure out how to get faster hahaha

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-0.927 Apart from the cheating / not cheating, and dragging her sexual assault into the discussion, is anyone else disturbed by the fact that she was coughing up blood?
-0.876 It can be very discouraging sometimes and you will question it but unfortunately this treatment is very slow and painful!!
-0.844 Old me would have forced myself out of bed early despite not needing to run that early, had a crappy run, and been exhausted all day.
-0.830 I fell off the horse at the end of September due to getting quite bad food poisoning and unfortunately didn't take it back up like I should have.
-0.825 I have died since drinking it but my doctors tell me that my untimely death was only partially related to my sudden and massive fruit intake.
-0.813 Mistakes were made. **Sunday:** 11 mile Endurance, 8:14/mile, went out faster but had a brutal 20+ mph headwind coming back.
-0.813 The last 3 km were the worst I have ever run. You just get to know new pain.
-0.813 ;) i started doing intervals a week ago but i got severe pain just below the knee on the inside.
-0.813 Only moronic question I can think of: Why is the Moronic Monday thread being posted on a Tuesday?
-0.811 I don't stretch or warm up before my training runs. Am I harming my body badly?
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