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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.900 I always say less is more and this vanilla style best friend romance is fucking hot can't wait till we get more pages
0.899 I'm not into futa, but this was actually pretty awesome.
0.891 There's a great mod team here and I have the utmost faith in them to keep this subreddit wonderful.
0.872 Nice, cute story and great art.
0.869 Boy howdy, do I love me a good vanilla, innocent, first time, body exploration, cute shit.
0.866 It stands out in my memory mostly because it was actually pretty decently well written and funny. Edit: The comic is called "Like Family" and the artist is "Henbe"
0.862 Now I love it because of that awesome ending!
0.856 That's pretty cute and pretty hot at the same time.
0.849 That dude was me :D and yeah, these new pages are absolutely amazing, at first I was on the fence about whether or not I was going to donate to his patreon, but he definitely deserves it
0.848 You best be moddin the shit out of it.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

Score Sentence
-0.930 1) fuck Vayne 2) fuck vayne 3) keeping with the high damage assassins destroying squishy highly lusted after gals 4)liquid 5)fuck vayne
-0.887 If you do not absolutely, positively, in pain of death and dismemberment HAVE to go out and drive, don't.
-0.871 If you watch this shit every day and you're in a porn subreddit...why would you click on this shit??
-0.864 I thought his art was a little weird, but this is insane shit from supersatanson .
-0.863 You can't be posting the same shit every six months and get karma or votes for being a lazy fuck.
-0.856 I'm appearently less bi-sexual the most people on the internet in these communities. Lastly some artists go insane on proportion and dick size, which eventually just gets stupid.
-0.832 There are some fundamental links between death / death awareness and sex drive.
-0.822 Ya what's really horrifying is some people get off on that shit.
-0.807 Point is, no children were harmed, sexualized, or exploited in the making of this comic.
-0.807 No, its spam, I used to see a new page of it on the front page constantly until the ban
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