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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.902 I love incorporating creative ideas like this into the main channel, like we did with [this video].
0.893 One day Ryan will win Mario Party and it will be glorious.
0.889 Not sure what your situation is, but I was in the same boat and then I downloaded the iOS app and it works really well and integrates perfectly with sponsorships.
0.872 I just like focusing on the object at hand and I love that about art.
0.856 Yeah, pretty fortune in that our like local railway goes into London and the station is like 4 mins travel by bus
0.856 It certainly has some strong lyrics compared to the other ones, won me over immediately.
0.853 Glad I found this post, hadn't watched Game Fails in months, but that was great.
0.848 Hackers like this are usually in the security field and do it for practice/helping the person get better security
0.846 Obviously that's a very workable situation for me and you might not have an iPhone or an Apple TV, but if you did it was a pretty good alternative to the website.
0.828 I LOVE The IT crowd, thank you!

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.976 Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck.
-0.873 Damn poor Miles, I don't think I have ever seen him look so miserable before.
-0.848 i thought the rude movie guy was [porch] and was sad when i realised i was wrong
-0.796 I was knocked down with the flu and michael's yelling killed me
-0.791 Not hate just disappointment.
-0.781 Never thought that a game of Uno would show me how mad Ryan really is, he could have ended the game, but decides to fuck with everyone as the last move he does.
-0.778 Because theres no way in hell it can be a finale without Anner, Geoff, Elyse, and Kirk
-0.774 Does it bother anyone else that the L block is just a bit off kilter to the z and t blocks???
-0.735 Poor poor soul that had to edit this.
-0.735 Use promo code "suckmychode" to get four percent off your first purchase of a stupid useless watch.
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