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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.941 I saw this about a hour ago and tried to go about my morning redditing, but I keep coming back to this post to admire this stunning masterpiece.
0.937 In my opinion, season 2 was more inconsistent but when it was great it was GREAT.
0.926 I'll love to see how her artistic ability progresses :) Wonderful job!
0.914 Even a perfect public education system is intended to ensure that everyone is productive, not to ensure that smart people do well.
0.912 It makes me unreasonably happy when r/stevenuniverse leaks into this sub :) Thank you kind sir/madam.
0.898 Either way, it isn't a horrible idea and you're not horrible for thinking that, but deciding to post your opinion on the internet is pretty horrible.
0.856 This is one of the best -buuuuurp- one of the best GIFs I've ever seen, Morty.
0.835 I assume you have a really awesome friend.
0.832 > No. Its not. Britain will be fine. You are simply fearmongering. Yet you immediately agree that Scotland has a good chance of leaving the United Kingdom.
0.830 well, actually, it's a pretty fucking amazingly good show.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.950 "alright you s-*uurp*-ick son of a bitch my hair just went yellow and that means ive gotta kill you and shit on your grave while your parents cry lets go"
-0.913 Eat some fucking shit you fucking stupid bitch
-0.908 >one pair of Rick and Morty died a violent death on-screen But in that instance we switched universes.
-0.896 Eat some shit you stupid bitch.
-0.896 Eat some shit you stupid bitch.
-0.875 I literally just said "oh shit there's a release date for rick and morty" to someone on discord before the link finished loading. I hate you, have an upvote you scum.
-0.834 Right theres no 5 between 1 and 2 but why does that somehow mean theres no universe where I took a nice fat stinky shit in the Whitehouse?
-0.832 Not as bad as the black cat who lays in doorways in the dead of night though.
-0.832 You're either born a Rick and die a Rick, or born a Morty and die a Morty.
-0.796 I know that people can be and are racist to whites, and that's wrong.
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