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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.983 A lot of people really care about me, and even though nothing's super perfect or ideal it's awesome that I don't have a shortage of love for the times I don't really love myself.
0.979 I love him more than I can express, I just feel so happy and confident and beautiful thanks to his caring and nurturing nature.
0.974 Good luck OP and I sincerely hope you have a healthy and loving relationship with someone who loves and cherish you.
0.971 :P " to which she replied "ok let me rephrase, we are friends who enjoy adult fun together since we're both single." Pretty cut and dry. Also, happy cake day :)
0.957 If you are not ready to see it so be it but rest assured a friend who truly cared about you would not have put you in those situations and encouraged them.
0.951 Seek a second medical opinion if you want, but for the love of god, please don't use reddit's in house medical staff as a substitute for your daughter's care.
0.947 Who knows, maybe later on I will find myself in need of counselling but with lots of friends and a SO I have a good support network right now to work through things.
0.946 Friend. I mean, maybe someday it could go somewhere but my motivation is to be the best friend I can be.
0.946 You don't have to be direct about letting someone know things about you, but certainly be kind and give them the benefit of the doubt . Have fun tho dude ;)
0.945 If he really loved AND respected you, he would understand that whilst this might strain or even end your relationship, it's a huge opportunity and he'd be happy for you.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.956 It was violent and horrific just for the sake of being violent and horrific.
-0.951 I wasn't abandoning him as my father, but more rebelling against the fear and loss that cancer was).
-0.949 You're mentally ill, emotionally unstable, and sick. > She suffers from severe anxiety, and depression as well. I can't believe this.
-0.946 Mental health problems exist, your anger over your sister's shit parenting doesn't change that. Have you ever considered her shit parenting could be due to a mental health problem?
-0.939 Oh ffs he deserves to feel trapped, he got a high school girl pregnant when he was 24 and abandoned his teen bride and the resultant child and you are calling her the controlling evil one.
-0.937 You don't seem to have any insight into the corrosive, destructive poison that hatred and bitterness wreak on someone's whole life.
-0.937 Thats why you were so devastated, enough to need first to drown the pain through alcohol you had lost what you felt made you complete.
-0.935 Tell them in no uncertain terms how they treated your sister is horrendous and that if they can't appreciate the spirit of Christmas then you're not interested in celebrating with them.
-0.932 it's totally not fair that being abused and witnessing abuse at a young age causes us to be abusive too, and i sympathize with that.
-0.931 Travelling is one thing, but moving abroad with no qualifications and no plans beyond marriage is just a terrible, terrible idea.
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