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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.954 I wish you all the best. And if you need some moral support and think that some stranger's support will be of help, feel free to PM me.
0.943 If you act like you are so in love with her that you will be er leave her, she will treat you like you will never leave her and treat you like a doormat
0.932 I understand that you don't want to loose your best friend but reading what you've wrote doesn't appear that he's being respectful or appreciative of EVERYTHING that you do.
0.931 See, that's how I see it, but I'm super careful about doing anything to have her questioning my ability to be compassionate at this early stage.
0.929 The relationship is great, sex-life still amazing and I'm certain she loves me intensely.
0.926 I don't get the impression this friend is like your best friend or someone to fret with too much.
0.906 I'm 30 years old, have a great job, good friends, and a stable life.
0.900 that shes a great girl and wish her the best.
0.900 A partner who loves and respects you, who appreciates you and you appreciate each other?
0.896 i had a girlfriend during high school who i never cheated on and i went to lots of parties with lots of females and took all kinds of drugs - i was just having fun with my friends.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.935 There is no way I would ever let someone I keep close insult me at my weakest and claim my pain was selfish or manipulative.
-0.904 My worries are also fueled by dumb shit I read on the internet about how guys should be confident, girls can smell insecurity, girls are turned off by weak guys .
-0.904 The mood stabilizer keeps me from flying off the handle at any and everything. I've messed up with a lot of girls because of depression and crazy anger and mood swings.
-0.891 As far as the depression and mood swings, I'm 32 and I've suffered from depression, among other things, for as long as I can remember.
-0.863 She's a tempest of emotion, rage, fear and regret.
-0.863 You just have force yourself to remember all the fighting and bad shit you were dealing with.
-0.857 I so not think his reaction is normal but I also think that a 23 year old who cries when they are reminded that David bowie died is not normal either.
-0.854 You can either acknowledge the fact that you are fat, realize you don't care and laugh it off, or start doing something to fix the problem if you don't like being fat.
-0.848 You need to start standing up for yourself or this crap is just going to get worse and worse.
-0.836 Eventually her fixation will die - either he dumps her or he doesn't and things go back to the boring old regular days of work sleep work.
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