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0.925 Similar, but I use french's yellow mustard, mostly mayo and a dash of ketchup, people do love it. Blue cheese and mayo whizzed together is a simple as it comes and is great as a burger sauce or dip.
0.900 Caprese salads are super easy to make and always tasty when you use good fresh ingredients.
0.898 If you'd like, I can link you to my recipes for the best cheesecake or the best red velvet cakes I've had.
0.872 Awesome, I'm glad you like it!
0.856 Always impressive and actually pretty easy to make
0.844 Well that's super helpful!
0.844 It's super yummy with avocado on top, and extra lime squeezed on at the end.
0.827 I got the recipe from a German friend who adores oxtail when I similarly got a good deal on them.
0.812 I made it one time, but I didn't have a pressure cooker so I used a crock pot and it turned out perfect.
0.791 This actually looks awesome and easy to make, might make it.

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-0.700 Add a touch of lemon juice and salt stirred lightly to mimic the mayonnaise hit on your tongue. Source: I have an uncomfortable amount of cookbooks and loathe Mayonnaise.
-0.625 Is it hard to mess up risotto in a pressure cooker?
-0.547 I have stopped making it as the family I married into doesn't care for it much.
-0.536 Cook on low for 6-8 hours, or whatever your work day is, this is really hard to screw up.
-0.477 I've found a bunch of ways that people claim to do it online and some of them just seem dangerous.
-0.477 > cachete taco recipes i am ashamed to say, it never occurred to me to search for cachete...
-0.472 once really really drained.
-0.459 I make these all the time, I just add 1/2 cup of crushed macadamia nuts as well.
-0.440 Seriously too much chocolate cake in a bundt pan with confectioners sugar http://allrecipes.com/recipe/7565/too-much-chocolate-cake/ No one has to know the ingredients.
-0.421 Also, it's weird to brown the onions and garlic over low heat.
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