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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.945 yea your animations are like super cool haha and like realistic haha.
0.941 mmm you know what would be funny is if you drew a sexy lady that was naked with big boobies in your next cartoon, just as a joke though haha please haha.
0.938 Teeth can pierce and rip the things apart from there, but steamrollers just squish. Alternatively, dog bites have super powers, and we should be very very glad that they like us.
0.928 I dont know how long I watched this but was way too long XD loved it
0.923 Amazing, i love this sub! I might have to try to make one of these myself :D
0.923 Perfect, thank you :) This is just great.
0.923 I sincerely appreciate content like this that can help me start my morning with a serious laugh.
0.922 \ :D / \ :D / \ :D / \ :D /
0.922 I was on the fence, but FINE I'll subscribe to this sub. I hope you're happy.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.914 She said the worst thing about being caught stealing is being forced to watch yourself think you're sneaky on camera.
-0.912 :( Sooperdavd, stop killing these poor inanimate objects...
-0.878 Heavy metal can kill you a lot faster than cancer.
-0.876 I don't usually comment on these things but holy fuck I lost my shit. Good job!
-0.869 and also kinda terrifying his body says "hug me" his eyes say "I'm gonna fuckin murder you bitch"
-0.863 I'm not 100%, but having a veterinary background I would suspect it's mainly to avoid spreading any contagion amongst the animals.
-0.856 And then I fired, and then I fired, and I missed.
-0.846 What the hell kinda hipster, gimmicky, bullshit, is this contraption?
-0.844 The cannonball was later found dead of mercury poisoning
-0.843 I really fucking hate this whole, "don't show the whole gif unless you navigate to a different site." bullshit
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