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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.917 Happy Cake day Chaneru :D much love from the bay ^~^
0.914 Take a chill pill lover boy we hear you :) have a good night haha
0.912 And a great face to compliment the great body!
0.891 To look and not be able to love and be loved by women like this.
0.886 Perfect beautiful Asian more like it.
0.877 Happy Cakeday again! Hope it was a good one!
0.874 HAPPY CAKEDAY TO YOUUUU MS.CHANERU/MRS.Rice XD *edit* time to change the sidebar, it says **Your Typical Asian Girl**.
0.874 Not the biggest fan of bolt ons, but she's pretty cute.
0.866 Thanks for this lovely pic :)
0.864 now the actual female in this photo is absolutely gorgeous, those tree trunk legs are so yummy.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

Score Sentence
-0.881 Damnit damnit damnit
-0.836 sorry guys I hate to disappoint but I do not love anal.
-0.823 wtf why you gotta ruin it for me
-0.807 Damn that's hell
-0.800 You have Google right at your fingertips but you choose to be a moronic idiot who insists he is never wrong.
-0.796 Mobile users need to fuck off or at least correct their links to non shit versions. Ive been drinking.
-0.796 damn damn damn
-0.796 She gonna be eat up with poison shit, Bug bites and whatnots.
-0.792 now that is one bad little asian bitch.
-0.778 Indias tip touches Asia so banging Asia doesn't make us Asian dumb ass 3)
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