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0.892 Then there's Uncle Gary, who's a bit off in the head, but he's a great guy with a sweet pad.
0.888 Well, looks like I better just go and watch every season to make sure it was definitely not in there.
0.884 I'm at the best paying job I've ever had and I'm only 24 so I didn't raise shit about it but I was told we get a minimum of a 3 percent raise each year as long as we are doing great.
0.878 Going through this too with my best friend of 13 yrs...wish you the best in your lonely times
0.872 Brilliant, like some other redditor said this sub makes me laugh way more and often then /r/funny.
0.863 Well things won't change unless you have someone in a position of power saying "what, that's stupid". I'm honestly pretty cool with the whole thing, oddly enough.
0.863 Yes, care to remind me exactly what team in North America won the FIFA world cup?
0.852 Truth be told, that was the only part of the movie I really enjoyed, the rest was kind of...
0.851 They certainly aren't starving artists, but they also aren't earning "FU Money" .
0.848 My mom, bless her, loves to help by cooking and cleaning.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.928 If this election is a family, Trump and Hillary are the main candidates for a legal guardian but Hillary is a lying bitch and Trump is the drunk dad that beats us once in a while.
-0.883 Stealing from the register at work, plagiarizing someone else's paper, knowing the identity of someone who called into the school to make a bomb threat.
-0.841 Try even slightly speaking negative of him in that subreddit, I got banned for saying he's lied
-0.807 Hell, I'd get in trouble at my guard job if I DIDN'T yell at someone for doing that.
-0.802 My phone has a nasty habit of going to shit once it gets to 15% battery.
-0.802 Too bad kimchi is fucking disgusting.
-0.778 Not having their goals aligned would be bad practice and possibly, unethical.
-0.772 The main character said so himself he was born a poor black child, and would you look at him, he got his shit together and became Steve Martin.
-0.772 Under no circumstances in the world today does this occur, thus there are no "damaging effects".
-0.772 The handling of the case by law enforcement and the prosecution was shady as fuck.
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