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0.898 Wow, I wish I would have known this when I first got my zero, I could not get gadget mode to work for the life of me and this would have been great!
0.886 SNES Buttons fit almost perfectly on a DMG model Gameboy, and the cases for that are like $10. Check out the fit here with this guy's build: http://www.sudomod.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=55
0.869 This looks like an awesome project, thanks!
0.863 I hope to enter, and of course I hope to win.
0.863 Wow lol if anything looked like a suspicious device that would be it haha.
0.852 Fairly safe to ignore anything else you say on the topic. Thanks for bringing this scammer to my attention OP, I'll be sure to steer well clear.
0.848 Great project, and great video.
0.844 Good point. Good luck!
0.832 If this is CGI it is brilliantly done, if it is legit it is also brilliant.
0.827 Some things get past it and I had to whitelist hulu for it to work right but overall it has greatly improved my internet and I dont have to worry about my family getting an infection from an ad.

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-0.869 I'm not saying that it can't heat up on its own with out damage, but I think in that particular case it was damaged. Also, a damaged sd card will absolutely short and heat up very very quickly.
-0.791 What's this victim blaming nonsense?
-0.760 He was warned about the pitfalls of what he was proposing; designing and manufacturing a hardware kit to reproduce his 3D printed NES with NFC and all.
-0.751 But paying and not delivering a product regardless of intentions and then ignoring communications and not refunding people's money is a scam.
-0.747 The arduino would stay on 24/7, but that's no real problem. See this: https://arduino-info.wikispaces.com/IR-RemoteControl
-0.723 but literally horrifying at the same time.
-0.696 Hmmm, but wouldn't the SSH just fail, instead of eventually logging in?
-0.681 Hell, it should have a WiFi dongle or at least an ehernet connection to your router.
-0.681 using sudo, I can now see that I am getting past the permission denied problem.
-0.681 Not the pi's fault, the card was damaged by other means.
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