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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.961 My mom is a monster in the home, but out in public and to my friends she is a charming, confident, funny lady.
0.947 CLAPS AND APPLAUSES!!*** I'm *so* HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY for you!! Congratulations!!!!
0.946 I'm sorry you're in this position but your trying your best just like me. Honestly I'm still surprised that strangers on the internet are even willing to give advice.
0.932 That is amazingly gorgeous, thank you for putting something beautiful into the world :)
0.931 Not before he spent a good hour berating us on how to properly appreciate him. But like I said, I'm NC and the holidays are glorious.
0.926 You sound super strong and I wish you,your fianc and your little bubba all the happiness in the world...you've earned it.
0.926 Good luck to you in 2017, and enjoy your awesome new name!
0.922 Loves her niece and nephew, loves my niece and nephew, loves spending time with my relatives as well as hers.
0.915 I haven't but I want to thank you for sharing that, it's a really fascinating glimpse into the mind of N.
0.915 I've come to a certain peace that honestly, my mother probably, in her mind, thought she did the best she could .

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.962 Late to the party but here to bitch too. What is up with all the people here having parents get pissed at them for being sick or having a minor period leak etc?
-0.957 My Nmom is an attention seeker but obviously no normal person wants to be around her toxic personality, so she fakes illnesses and complains to everyone as an attempt to get people to pity her.
-0.955 Hit, insulted, bullied, lied to, criticized, made to feel small and ashamed and scared?
-0.932 Absolutely not saying that you should avoid calling when your Ns threaten suicide, just contextualizing the unfortunate relationship between police and people with mental illness in the US.
-0.927 I've often felt that once my Narc S-I-L finally drops dead, that I'll be doing backflips and singing the song from the Wizard of Oz: "Ding-dong the witch is dead, which old witch?
-0.922 When I stared crying, she told me not even 5 minutes later to stop crying or she'd give me something to cry about and I'm just like...you already did? It's very messed up indeed.
-0.922 It's abusive as hell and it's disgusting.
-0.921 After this apparently sisters tone improved and she transferred her the money but girlfriend is sick and tired of her shit already so didn't reply.
-0.914 Not only that, but once you leave them, they'll say you are coldblooded, evil, heartless, etc.
-0.912 Nmom would then look at me in disgust and say "Stop crying or I'll give you something to really cry about".
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