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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.906 Best of luck with your studies as well :)
0.891 I just think the best way of making the world a better place is by encouraging understanding, and calling someone a monster is a method people use to prevent this.
0.877 You sound like a very happy and pleasant person.
0.812 I wish Daniel the best, and I hope he doesn't grieve too much over these pieces of shit.
0.809 LOL wow, go humanity.
0.772 wow this breaks my heart, I hope this guy is okay and has found support in other people, not with the piece of shit family he was dealt.
0.758 Free Trade Agreement?
0.733 So true lol.
0.727 It's things like this that I thank God for being Jewish
0.727 At least the lock looked to be in pretty good condition so they probably weren't together for too long.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.983 People who get offended at curse words in a world ripe with war, murder, preventable disease, rape, child molestation and wide spread poverty, need be told to go fuck themselves more often.
-0.940 'I don't care if you call the fucking cops!' You'll care when you've got a dick up your ass in prison.
-0.937 Some news sites refuse to report on suicide for the reason of "suicide contagion", where reporting about a suicide leads to an increase of suicides.
-0.917 Well technically the ** can substitute any letters so they can turn it around and say that if you read it as NIGGER, you have been proven racist by the racist prover.
-0.906 It seems like all the violence and prejudice that the left are worried about under Trump is actually being done to Trump voters, being beaten in the streets, publicly humiliated, and shunned.
-0.902 They don't condone homosexuality but they sure as hell condone violence.
-0.898 Disgusting, vile, sickening monstrous walking piece of trash.
-0.888 a robber who had his family on the couch, under threat of a baseball bat Fuck the RCMP
-0.886 I understand folk from New York don't get it, but this attack left an enduring pain in the hearts of New Yorkers.
-0.883 There isn't a kid on this god-damned planet stupid enough to deserve that. This kid is going to grow up hating teachers, all because someone had to be a piece of shit.
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