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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.852 I hope their phantom limb gets better lmfao
0.832 Luckily, the one he snorted was pretty benign. Guess who ends up being my lab partner the rest of the year.
0.818 Cipro has saved me once before, I would like it to save me again.
0.801 Wow, I have so much respect for Finland.
0.797 I'm not saying it doesn't have health benefits, but it was to be combined with regular medicine DURING treatment; a good diet and placebo are good for prevention, not treatment.
0.796 Well, regardless, it's a pretty nice pic.
0.794 That's true, but physical fitness still held more survival value then.
0.788 We prolly weren't *meant* to, but we learned to, and it worked out pretty well so we keep doing it.
0.784 But it's still perfectly healthy to wait 'till later in the day to eat.
0.784 There was only one good memory of camp and that was getting out in the canoe with my friend and escaping the monotony for about 1 solid hour.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.938 I got banned for calling the guy a "lying fuck", and while I agree with me being banned, I still think it's shitty for /r/pics to keep this stupid garbage-bait up.
-0.935 If you buy this, you will probably die a horrible, painful death.
-0.893 In order to be a hate crime, it needs to be a crime.
-0.883 SEX crimes!" Ugh, the worst. Seriously OP, your example has a crazy attention seeking post history.
-0.878 All I did was say it was stupid to claim that Mexico will pay for a wall and I got banned real quick and lots of flame calling me an idiot
-0.865 You close the door, it comes through the window; you close the window, it finds cracks in the wall and slithers in and spreads again. I fucking hate cancer.
-0.852 Using improper measures to combat cancer means you're slowly letting it eat at you when you could be fighting it.
-0.844 It's like falsifying evidence for a crime; it doesn't exist, so you make up shit to cover up your ass.
-0.823 why is what amounts to basically a novelty account that tells bullshit stories in this sub for telling a bullshit story?
-0.821 I worked with a girl like this: either her, her sister or her mom had EVERYTHING anyone was suffering from, only ten times worse. Someone's girlfriend has a bad cold? "So?
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