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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.886 Hello, Take part in an interesting psychology study based on personality traits and social cognition for a chance to win one of 20x 10 gift vouchers.
0.875 Good luck, I think it's a great endeavor.
0.856 It's actually what I love so much about DBT; that you get the greatest hits of both ACT and CBT rolled into one.
0.831 Or maybe people dedicated to helping others are more fun to have in bed?
0.827 Women are good friends as well, but there are a lot of factors pushing men as friends for men over women, mostly unspoken social code.
0.811 Can't blame em for not wanting to tackle the problem but better things are coming I hope
0.784 The point isn't necessarily to associated the slightest shred of effort with reward - it's to hand a child the 'correct' causal attribution.
0.778 I'm relatively new to DBT, but my clients love it.
0.765 I'd be happy to return the favour by participating in your research too
0.765 I'm also a fan of practicing new therapies in my own life, and I've found the often times deceptively simple concepts to be surprisingly effective.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.951 None of these are about crushing existential depression or living with devastating student loan debt while excruciatingly underemployed and underpaid.
-0.858 I think this contributed to her suicide in the end since she didn't have a strong support system outside of me.
-0.831 no, these don't really help my quarter life crisis.
-0.802 I tried to commit suicide a number of times on the premise that if I didn't, I would only grow up to abuse kids myself.
-0.778 Psychology has it's problems, certainly, but headlines about the "replication crisis" are a bit sensationalized.
-0.775 > Early stages of one living on their own for the first time and learning to cope without parental help can also induce feelings of isolation and loneliness. None of these talks address this.
-0.766 This is so fucked up.
-0.749 A few high profile studies have failed to replicate in recent years, despite having earlier successful replications.
-0.718 That would prevent firing of negative stimuli and might explain any overreaching processing.
-0.694 Traumatic memories can be incredibly vivid even/especially at an age where memories are not usually easily formed.
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