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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.944 Great hair, great smile, great everything!
0.928 More like skin progress!!! lol jk, looking good brotha!
0.920 /r/stopdrinking could use your motivation \o/ Congrats you look great
0.908 Great show of real effort!, amazing results (:
0.902 Love the hair in both your pics, super cute.
0.891 Don't worry about the holidays enjoy them and keep winning.
0.888 You look so happy and it makes me happy.
0.880 Wonderful progress, congrats!
0.878 Best wishes, gorgeous!
0.863 Congrats on your progress, and congrats for removing that toxic person from your life.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.802 How about you take that hate, roll it up in a ball, shove it up your ass and gtfo?
-0.791 This pill-selling site is just a scam ran by thieves all the way around.
-0.743 All of your post history is full of such vile comments; stop internet hatin' and go be a productive member of society, or something.
-0.660 When my dad did something similiar, it's because he had thyroid cancer.
-0.660 30lb won't take too long to lose, 3-4 months at a high deficit.
-0.612 There's a reason prescription weight loss commercials say "if you lose more than 10 pounds in 10 days consult a physician."
-0.612 Damn dude you seem to have lost all of that weight on your stomach.
-0.598 I lost 50 this year and I'm looking to loose another 25 after the new year!
-0.598 Keep that shit up! Your username is...
-0.585 Congrats on losing 200 pounds of dead weight!
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