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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.947 However, I don't think the people I'd like to win would win, so I'm going to continue to hope that we can fix this country peacefully.
0.931 FWIW, *The OC Weekly* and the author, Scott Moxley, have won numerous journalist awards. Local papers are often our front line for press freedom and breaking news. Support them!
0.924 The tagline meant exactly that this post is about, not doing evil shit like selling out to other company's and doing shit like this.
0.923 Anyhow, its pretty amazing how much stuff is already out there and perfectly legal to download and aggregate, slap a web form and make it available to the general public.
0.920 > This is a guy the CEO of Goldman Sachs couldn't help but call "dangerous" -- probably the best endorsement I've ever heard Haha, I hadn't heard that myself.
0.917 Maturity: the website's creators are elated at their newfound success, and, seeking to improve their service, begin to perform upgrades, updates, design changes, and create exploratory features 4.
0.908 i am sure trump will only use this power for good and use it with great respect for everyones privacy.
0.906 This compromise does modestly improve the PATRIOT Act by strengthening civil liberties protections without sacrificing the tools that law enforcement needs to keep us safe.
0.905 Obama has been a huge champion of privacy, so I'm pretty sure he will do it.
0.898 If this election is important for the ability to lean the Supreme Court, think about the true value of this data.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.960 I agree our privacy is threaten but there are events we either know or don't know the success stories of thwarting terrorist or other criminal events.
-0.953 I don't like the censor ship that happens on Reddit, but holy fuck the low brow shit on Voat is outrageous.
-0.946 I'd kill someone if they were threatening my life for instance, but I still think killing is morally wrong.
-0.942 Sadly, this is also the effect of assholes using software that's purpose is giving you privacy to not be spied upon to also do really illegal shit. I serious case of why we can't have nice things.
-0.932 It's this whole CISA bullshit and it's the same slow ass response to shit that we will feel ripples of in 10 years, only it'll be 1000x worse than the Patriot Act.
-0.932 That the guns used by terrorists are illegal doesn't matter for them, they'll ban guns and restrict it even more for everyone.
-0.929 This evil & stupid nonsense will continue until our society is destroyed.
-0.926 You know what's the most fucked up thing about the whole terrorist attack scenario?
-0.922 Terrorists can destroy our society...not by terrorism...but by our reaction to terrorism.
-0.919 He said that he's stupid because he is wrong, not that he is wrong because he is stupid.
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