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0.941 Perhaps the Yucca here is a related but different variety to the one you know, anyway it grows great here thanks to lots of sunshine.
0.940 Easiest fucking thing in the world and I am actually pretty good at it as I often get complimented on how well I drive and that I make people feel safe enough that they can fall asleep.
0.937 Not just to clean the yard or house, but general life inspiration. You must feel like a new person having done that and seeing it every day??? Good on ya!
0.920 I love how the out going presidents and first lady's are so relaxed, laughing waving and then the ingoing have more serious expressions and are standing straight.
0.908 I love that you put effort into making the system look good as well. Also good to see a Melbourne specific use-case as I'm moving there soon!
0.906 I imagine it still gets plenty of upvotes because of casual users but it's still good that it's posted here because it helps some people get educated at the very least, like myself.
0.904 I'm not sure why but I did my best to make this driveway cleaning as aesthetically pleasing as possible!
0.891 As a kindred spirit I wish you the best of luck.
0.885 That's the funny thing: most people have a stronger desire to keep their jobs than stay safe doing them. I was being snarky.
0.884 :D I appreciate the praise.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.945 You're probably right, but damn if DC doesn't look like a national capital anymore, the roads were dirty and the greenbelts unkept, the trains at the airport looked like crap.
-0.902 Add a little more shock and you'll kill it even if it's already started its algal assault
-0.886 >My current house requires no power washing :( So sad :(
-0.876 Ive done quite a few houses but never this bad.
-0.875 The tube is held in a mandrel, then a clamp die comes in and holds the tube following it through the bend while the pressure die holds the opposite side of the bend.
-0.872 Also pressure washing near the bottom where it is in the ground would likely ruin the grass and kick up a lot of dirt and make a mess in general.
-0.836 I will always take the fillet off the skin then cut the Y bones out - it's a pain in the ass to do with the skin still attached...
-0.836 Looking at the left side I could have totally dumped this bench in the dump thinking it was rotten, etc.
-0.827 Lots of cars from the 90s suffered clearcoat failure, despite having never seen a high-schooler with a pressure washer.
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