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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.992 Great Great Great Best Great Great BELIEVE ME Best Best Great Believe me Great
0.966 I hope he is successful as president if he is successful that means America would be successful. But what does success look like?
0.962 It's usually saved for Santa and Gary Bettman, but it's so great they brought it out for such a great cause.
0.959 It would be technically unconstitutional, but with control of the House and Senate and a friendly supreme court, good luck striking it down
0.957 I know people, great people by the way, and they tell me, ME, that 3 AM is when the best stuff for the best people, on the greatest stations air.
0.957 The Grand Canyon Grand-Candidate is grand standing by disaggrandizing democracy until the Grand Old Party can grandfather in a Supreme Court Justice.
0.956 we win so easily, just like the greatest winner in America, Donald J Trump
0.948 Their message is one of faith - have faith in God without proof, have faith in our glorious leader, without proof, have faith in the cause, without proof...
0.946 That's the only thing that he cares about, making sure that him and his rich friends are well taken care of.
0.941 Yeah, but this post is so clearly not designed to discuss anything, just to praise and declare support for Sanders.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.984 This dangerous and dangerously scary dangerous racist white male is a dangerously scary racist sexist racist hitler.
-0.968 The indefinite military detention of US citizens suspected of involvement in terrorism. The wording is way too broad for definition of a terroristic threat and the possible abuse of the provision.
-0.960 I'd be willing to bet you didn't find this ACTUAL VIOLENCE terrifying or feel the need to denounce it. Get the fuck out of here with your concern trolling bullshit.
-0.960 Partially, but make no mistake, Bush is the one that put the final nail in the coffin by allowing CLEC's to be fucked in the ass hard.
-0.957 If this had been a case of the RNC being hacked and emails released, Republicans would be screaming bloody murder and demanding we go to war with Russia.
-0.954 But at worst their crime was being too complicit or cowardly against a threat. The Republicans are the threat! Not conservative ideology.
-0.953 The war in Iraq, the worst recession since the great depression, perennial surplus that turned into the worst budget deficit in US history.
-0.952 >If you drunk drive and kill someone, it doesn't matter if you intended to kill someone, or even drunk drive. You're just completely mistaken.
-0.949 That's like murder!* Me: *Okay first of all, I call bullshit and were going to end this stupid bullshit nonsense right the fuck meow.
-0.949 >I want guns, no abortion, fuck with liberals at any cost That is actually spot on, but emphasis on fuck with liberals at ANY cost. No cost is too high to pay to fuck the liberals over.
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