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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.963 I have a charmanders that's 12/12/12 but that's it haha that's awesome, good luck!
0.951 Honestly any Perfect 100 impresses me, and definitely this Gyarados is awesome!
0.940 "Can fight among the best" "Best stat is Defense" "Best stats I've ever seen." I'm practically lactating manly tears waiting for this update to roll out so I can keep pumping Yana's CP up :D
0.936 My friend just texted me this picture and was like "DUUUUUUDE!" I had a good laugh. Nice work though.
0.927 If this is fine for you and it makes you happy, then that's great, and I'm happy for you too!
0.923 Didn't need him at ~500 CP once I got a second one, but I hope he got stronger out there and made somebody else happy.
0.922 Interesting, definitely sharing that with my friends, thanks.
0.915 You can easily eat delicious meals that are good for you. Eating healthy is the most important thing you can do for your body.
0.912 Wow this is awesome, congrats OP!
0.908 Yeah me and all my friends who live in a well populated city also care about this issue, we want to go out on hikes and the like to catch pokemon too, not just walking around our city.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.943 That makes it even, sure, but it also required the defender be not that good at the exploit, and the attacker to be very good at attacking.
-0.938 Jagex used to be awful in dealing with the community but they got their shit together and have been absolutely killing it with CM.
-0.934 Oh and shut the fuck with your fear mongering wannabe victimized bullshit.
-0.933 Fucking cheaters all of them the ones screen shotted aint real trainers OR players they can fuck off this shit piss`s me the fuck off!
-0.926 I'd go for stab, if no stab then fury cutter is faster.
-0.899 Giggled at first when I got to Clarence but then scrolled down to the attacks and lost my shit
-0.895 This is a part that I struggle with a lot, since the depression makes going outside seem awful, so there's a vicious cycle.
-0.882 Trading will be abused no matter what but I think putting limits on it will be a major buzz kill. I don't think you should get any candies upon trading .
-0.863 The new tracker is even worse than the one we had before, is terrible, and feedback was almost universally negative.
-0.856 they suck, they have ruined this game and I hope they all die in a fire, so someone else will take it over and fix it.
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