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0.975 I love Komala so much, but I'm ok with him not having an evolution because he's so cute and powerful as he is. Though that big guy is awesome as well.
0.951 I forgive you haha that's a pretty awesome list. > And that is just the main series! I'd love to here more about this statement
0.933 > I love my araquanid tho lol Oh don't get me wrong, I love Araquanid and Diving Bell Spiders .
0.920 Glad to see you did my favorite pokemon family :) Great job my dude
0.918 She's so pretty and elegant :) But then she evolves into fatty Dragonite :P
0.915 But awesome to see that you still have fun after 150h, seems like the post-game content is good?
0.914 Try your hand at it OP, it's quite fun! Awesome job /u/gelosmelo 's mom!
0.914 This was brilliantly done, thanks for sharing it :)
0.913 If you can work like that under stress, I'd love to see what you can do when you're feeling happy and more free.
0.912 Yeah but I like Sylveon and Crobat and Lunala, so you get the reasoning that keeps all of them in your party :P

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.971 That's what Reddit is all about, beating dead horses and making meta comments beating dead horses about other beaten dead horses.
-0.902 I was considering getting a 2DS just for SuMo but Lucha Litten has killed it for me :(
-0.900 Fire hits water for half damage, grass for double damage, and electric for normal damage.
-0.888 And explorers of sky, after my depressing headcannon that everything about the future was destroyed, proved me wrong, I cried.
-0.888 He's fought again and again against evil people and groups that would use Pokemon for nefarious or cruel purposes.
-0.869 I haven't gotten very far but I wouldn't put it past them to make me battle a couple teams of FEAR ratata back to back.
-0.866 No, I think k the hype will die and most will recognize this for what it is: a shitty walk around and tap app.
-0.845 I fuck around on Showdown a bit but I've never really felt I liked the switching meta or tiers and in-game I've never enjoyed EV and IV stuff.
-0.842 Okay, how the HELL am I supposed to get to the area beside the Skull mansion in Po town?
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