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Ten Most Positive Sentences

Score Sentence
0.975 TRUSTED 100% super quick shipping, super secure packaging, great deals, and an awesome person overall!!!
0.948 Great seller, great price, great trade, thanks!
0.932 Quick response and gave packs really fast :) <3 Bought another 85 packs and recieved it directly after, so happy with em, thank you!
0.927 awesome guy got my packs without any hassle really great trader recommended to everyone :)
0.923 Great service, great communication and great price.
0.923 Successfully completed 2 trades this week, super fast seller, trustworthy and clear.
0.917 Wonderful guy, excellent communication and he surprised me with some sweet magnemite cards!!
0.915 Wow really fast , will do bussines again, super great seller
0.908 Amazing trader, cards came in perfect condition and super quick.
0.906 Great communication and card was sent well protected, thanks!

Ten Most Negative Sentences

Score Sentence
-0.767 As the 50th reference for this man, all I gotta say is HELL YA!
-0.747 Very long trade, but no one's fault.
-0.637 No troubles, smooth transaction.
-0.636 Sent money first, no problems!
-0.636 No possible complaints here!
-0.636 traded 100 StS packs, no problem!
-0.633 100% reccomended; extremely fast and no problems
-0.633 Very fast and no problems.
-0.599 No problems trading and would trade again.
-0.599 I payed first and no problems.
5 of 1326Ranking
40Overall Score
50Positive Score
2Negative Score
62Neutral Score
2.9%All Caps
5.1Avg Word Length