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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.963 I don't know the process for how recipients are nominated/found*, but being able to recognize the best of the best contributors on behalf of your whole nation must feel amazing.
0.963 I disagree with virtually all of his domestic policies but he promoted them in good faith and what he thought was in the country's best interests.
0.963 It's subreddit about computer setups, but they would have awesome laugh and be amazed if you posted this in there, please Mr.
0.963 People love to romanticize 'revolutionary heroes' like Fidel - and propagandists love to use any opportunity to whitewash the past.
0.959 So, I don't know when birthday is or was, but a sincere happy birthday and i hope you're feeling better.
0.958 I hope it was all a success and whatever you are going through, I hope you are able to keep that positive mindset as you are a true example for others. Cheers man
0.957 Happy Cake Day to you, Happy Cake Day to you, Happy Cake Day, Dear Honestly_Nobody, Happy Cake Day to you!
0.953 I really don't believe in heaven or God but if he exists I hope this guy is in the best place in paradise.
0.949 "this is a cool one for sure, but far from a novel concept" is like saying, yeah this is alright but I've seen better "I follow quite a few...
0.947 I truly hope he has reached the heaven he believed in and has been rewarded with eternal bliss.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.967 Equestrian events are boring as fuck, but if some desperate bandito is trying to shoot the rider and steal the horse you know the world is going to watch the hell out of that.
-0.955 The man held trials for war criminals, had two courts for civilians without the death penalty and for military/police criminals accused of war crims, rape, etc which he did issue executions for.
-0.954 Maybe I am blessed but in over a quarter century living here the biggest act of violence or dangerous criminal activity that I've seen personally was a drunken bar fight
-0.953 Lets make bullying kill itself with hate and bullying.
-0.951 Does knowing that he's a virulent death penalty proponent who just launched a state intiative to enforce a 1-year maximum time frame on death penalty cases change the feeling of his message??
-0.935 Can we make this guy famous instead of all the scumbag terrorist and cop killers.
-0.935 Can we make this guy famous instead of all the scumbag terrorist and cop killers.
-0.933 Their was a big thing a while back with some bad drug that was killing people right and left, and I remember it because the chief of some town was just so scared for people it was almost shocking.
-0.932 Even with Bush it was a feeling of more of a damn my guy lost, than holy shit we are so fucked.
-0.932 The only illegal thing about it is that it was illegal to go where the picture was taken from. It's not illegal to photograph yourself committing a crime .
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