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0.900 That's pretty cool, sounds like a good price as well.
0.893 The Pocket CHIP is way more amazing now that I've got a lot of Pico8 favorites and I can easily play them from the recliner or wherever.
0.888 My oldest is the one who's recently expressed some interest in it, so this looked like a good opportunity; I just didn't know if we'd still need a separate purchase for his PC vs.
0.885 I really enjoyed playing this one, thanks for sharing.
0.875 :) Anyway thanks for spreading them because they're awesome
0.872 And thanks for the lovely words, I hope you keep knocking out the level!
0.869 I didn't make this, I just found it while researching games for my podcast :) But it's a pretty remarkable achievement.
0.861 I know the game is rather simplistic when played through, due to the limitations of the Pico 8 platform, but my god this is amazing.
0.855 Amazing effort, thank you for sharing!
0.844 You too :) join the community and/or join the IRC channel #pico8 if you need some help.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.913 So you're the evil bastard making all the bad hollywood hacking scenes
-0.681 I've already bought some cheap usb SNES controllers on eBay and the quality was disappointing :/
-0.612 No just a mock.
-0.607 I tried to lead the map into them with dirt tiles, I suppose that wasn't effective enough?
-0.599 I'm struggling with collisions too.
-0.599 But I have no idea whether it's a problem related to pico, to this setup or to raspberry pi.
-0.572 Maybe you can extend it by killing the wifi/bluetooth though...
-0.557 No idea unfortunately.
-0.543 I've been watching them all, although TBH I got a little lost with the collision math.
-0.532 but these buttons dont look very good though.
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