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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.980 Better models, better poses, better styling, better scenes and stories, better hair, better make-up, better backgrounds, better light, better colours, better postproduction.
0.938 > And last but not least, so that I maybe get a better understanding of what I am doing good: If you have to choose, what would you say is my best picture? Vlad under the bridge.
0.933 Well, that was more or less my question I suppose, are they bots, which are bought? If they're actual followers then that's pretty awesome because I would agree, the more followers the better.
0.922 Bracketed exposures for HDR were super easy to do with the fast shutter. So do I get a 70D and save $200 or do I save one more month and get an 80D for the higher IQ?
0.921 I think it is the same photo but they did "tricks", as changing the left hand etc etc... Good luck
0.917 Overall treat them as you would a good friend who's coming over to hang out and get great pictures.
0.912 It may not have been perfect before, but it was pretty good and I enjoyed spending time here.
0.910 Photography has kept motivating me to travel more and explore more places. This is one of my favorite photos from the my favorite place doing my favorite thing!
0.906 Images from that camera still look amazing in coffee table books and in the portfolios of some of your greatest heroes.
0.902 Broader impact is an essential component of most grant proposals, and showing a strong track record is a good way to increase your chances of funding.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.888 > I get it's your opinion, but calling it bad photography is a little contrived My *opinion* is that it is horrible photography.
-0.872 Constantly attempting different genres or styles that are not what's closest to will not lead to good photography, and it's frustrating as hell.
-0.824 It's true that the queen doesn't smile at the camera, but I would argue that a smile doesn't automatically equal warmth.
-0.822 The problem is, that is so boring to me and discourages me from doing it.
-0.817 Since her face is catching really harsh direct sunlight it means everything else comes out quite dark, even though the skin is dead on.
-0.813 I know I mentioned yesterday any art is subjective, but holy hell that's a striking image.
-0.788 I shoot RAW for the flexibility, but there's no right or wrong here.
-0.784 And if nothing happens to you, you're providing a bad example for other people who may then do it themselves and _they_ might get hurt.
-0.784 It's not great but it's about as bad as the Tamron in terms of the IQ.
-0.765 Use a bit of fill and stop killing the shadow detail in post.
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