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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.969 Yes I love her and when she told me about some debts she knows I am a better financial planner than her I told her I want to help get her back on track I love her for sure and I hope it works out.
0.963 every personal success book ever: * start a successful business * congrats you have successful business, dont blow your money, you're now successful!
0.944 Yes, you are missing opportunity cost, but if you have a plan for the money, like your 401k next year when you aren't going to be working, then it is a perfectly good idea to have that money there.
0.944 Enjoy your hard word, but save, save, save!
0.930 Thanks for the advice, current electoral roll is with my address - I read that online haha and cheers for all the helpful points :)
0.928 A good friend of my wife's has parents who are fairly successful and are VERY active in their kids lives.
0.927 Why are they willing to negotiate? Armed with this information, you will be in a much better position to create an agreement that makes all parties happy.
0.925 After that, I opened a secured credit card and slowly but surely built up a rating, and can actually get approved for small things like mobile phone contracts.
0.925 Secured cards are a good idea if it gets that bad, but luckily I managed to still qualify for a high interest credit card with a starting limit of 200.
0.923 You'll become reinvigorated and able to be in a mindset that will raise your fortunes. Best of luck to you, my friend.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.948 Stop being stupid for the sake of feeding your baseless ego just so you can ruin your life with horrific debt.
-0.911 I'd be taking on too much unavoidable damage, more than I had to spare, so I was doomed to die every single time, in the exact same way.
-0.906 Walk me through cashing that bad boy, Nigerian scams use fake checks, no need for a real account number.
-0.893 It *should* get upvotes. > worst part about reddit is dumb shit like this ... ... No.
-0.868 No prob, happened to my grams and she has the cameras I got her for Christmas a few years ago so we had proof they took that fucking pos box shit, fuckin criminals man.
-0.866 but I think they actually meant the testing of drugs, like the FDA or something. If OP means failing a drug test, they are most likely screwed and no one will hire them.
-0.859 Tax fraud is not a laughing matter and can get you into serious trouble.
-0.856 Get rid of that debt. * After killing the CC debt, check out [this page]
-0.856 In my experience, general googling your disease is a shit show, but cancer forums can be invaluable.
-0.852 I'm only 24 now, but man, did I fuck around and change majors a lot, wasting money and time.
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