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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.969 The 'Master Race' thing is very tongue in cheek but I find it really cool that a shared passion for computers seems to bring people joy :)
0.967 Dude that's so fucking awesome :) I'm so happy for you, best of luck with the future!
0.959 Never won one of these but congratulations for those who win this one. Thanks OP!
0.957 I just watched some gameplays with it and it looks so awesome and funny even if it was released in 2009. Thanks for this awesome giveaway OP!
0.957 I'd love to upgrade my CPU and whatnot, hopefully in the near future. Thanks for the help again, happy holidays.
0.956 I want it, I've never played the first Watch Dogs, but it seemed pretty neat! My current fav game is overwatch. Cheers!
0.955 Wish them the best of luck with building and you are a great parent for not buying them a console, instead introducing them to the superior stuff.
0.954 And not only that, I was loving it! Zenyatta is an awesome tank and my most played, Mercy is great, Lucio is badass, and Symettra...
0.954 Congratulations on creating a masterpiece, and being so good to your customers. You wonderful, wonderful bastards.
0.952 AHAHAH THATS AMAZING :D thank you for taking the time out of your day to make it :) I really appreciate it

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.951 You kill your cable, you risk killing your PC, you risk starting fires, and you risk electrocuting yourself, really not a smart thing to do with power cables.
-0.948 The zoophile says "we should find a cat and fuck it." The sadist replies, "let's fuck the cat and torture it." The murderer chimes in, "No.
-0.939 You had no right to say that he should have died - people can make mistakes. EDIT: People die for stupid reasons.
-0.929 6Gv2 Handsdown, but they aren't backlit, the reason i got the mk50 and the reason i suggest 6Gv2 is they are basic as fuck, no bullshit and will live for a long fucking time.
-0.923 The large majority of posts about it contain half-truths, conjecture and just plain-out baseless hate - it's hating DRM for the sake of hating DRM. Denuvo isn't perfect.
-0.920 We fuck, torture, then murder the cat.
-0.903 I knew they were bad but fuck that's terrible.
-0.903 So sick of seeing this arrogant bullshit on this sub.
-0.900 Citation needed for the equal if not superior and paying off developers... BTW: The only reason why DX is still with us is because OpenGL has been absolutely terrible in past.
-0.898 The *prebuilt motherfucking piece of shit garbage go fuck yourself and your money* type of combo.
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