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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.958 Not on my pc atm, but you should test what works best for you, my rig is pretty capable of whatever i throw at it codec wise so I've gone for more quality.
0.945 You obviously have a success in your hands :D Best of Luck for the Future!
0.942 I know it isn't easy but it'd definitely bring in new players, and once they gain "skillz" and confidence in their loadouts etc, they would probably give PvP a go. The update is cool.
0.928 I'm just saying I've never heard bully get higher praise than "it's actually pretty fun", not "this is literally the best game of all time".
0.927 Powerglove is the shit! Edit: Sorry Power Glove is the shit!
0.926 >I consider it to be pretty fast, but it's cool if you don't. Just wanted to give you credit for that excellent response.
0.922 When Dota2 was in early beta and people were speculating how they would monetize it and everyone was blown away when the answer was: All heroes free, game free, all gameplay features free.
0.919 could you imagine if there was something like netflix but was gameflix monthly sub play huge game libraries Only issue does that mean publishers earn less for there great works
0.919 They got kinda close with the Sands of Time reboot , but the original trilogy still feels like the best.
0.917 But Danganronpa was absolutely superb, the only visual novel I truly enjoyed.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.962 Run to this person, chat to them, kill a single enemy, run to another person, loot a box, kill a single enemy, run to another person. It's unchallenging and boring, and everywhere feels the same.
-0.939 Until the ridiculous 'tards that keep pre-ordering games or buying on day one STOP DOING IT, we will get worse and worse games until they die out and re-surge once again.
-0.936 I personally hated the looting in Borderlands 2 as most of the weapons had boring as hell stats, so this game is probably not for me...
-0.925 My list of favourite games has Half-Life 1, 2 DOOM etc in it, and I fucking hated CoD 4. I tried it about 3 times and just hated every second.
-0.923 Sorry if you are okay with yellow journalism but I sure the fuck am not and feel if you post shit you should be called out on that shit.
-0.919 They might write something hateful, racist etc or just pull out bullshit facts on someone like an indie dev who might then get harassed for something.
-0.914 OP as hell. Fuck off destroying my shit...
-0.906 Also hated the controls, though it was mostly the camera and ranged weapons that pissed me off.
-0.900 So for you to label me and my peers as some hate group is beyond offensive, the arts & gaming are my culture, and you'll have to pry it from my cold, dead hands.
-0.900 Even if you're physically incapable of blocking or dodging obvious attacks you can memorize this DURING your first fight because of how limited the variety is.
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