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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.957 I absolutely LOVE it :D Would love to see more of your work :)
0.944 Someone who not only has to be right, but takes great joy in making others feel like idiots for not knowing the obvious.
0.939 Btw great work, you have excellent brushwork and an awesome eye for values.
0.937 You're all too kind, but I'm glad everyone enjoys my sloppy paintings lol
0.929 Abosuletely phenomenal, a beautiful painting with amazing care and talent
0.928 This is so beautiful, thanks for giving me the opportunity to see it!
0.922 Beautiful thanks for the instant inspiration :)
0.911 Looking to get back into it so I love finding work like this to inspire me.
0.910 I'm going to be honest with you : I LOVE IT, you should do the whole room in that style, it's extremely cute
0.902 The happy trees, the happy clouds and the happy mountains.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.840 All he does is bitch and moan about shit he knows nothing about....
-0.818 The worst part about this election might be having to look at trump's disgusting face for another four years.
-0.796 Don't take that as a personal attack, it is not intended to be one." - **No worries** "All of the post on the first three pages of your history are incredibly negative.
-0.751 and kinda the whole point.** "You are all criticism, and zero constructive." - **Proveably false.** That is an ass.
-0.743 I expect that you are partially frustrated, and partially abrupt in your replies and this leads to all criticism.
-0.743 to bad the post didn't come with a pandering backstory about adversity or spontaneity.
-0.727 Insults and negativity are not.
-0.723 No, but you're a homophobic dick.
-0.718 You attack the person you are replying to and belittle them.
-0.700 It would be a damn shame to cover that.
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