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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.920 Not my favorite buff item but LSD is a great consumable to have fun with.
0.899 I also like taurine, ginseng, and guarana consumables but I save those for when I can really use the stat bonuses since regular use is known to have major debuffs in the long/end game.
0.886 Increase strength level to gain cold resist and boosted metabolism
0.867 Currently my favorite buff item is a fashion item called "Puff Coat" and it increases your cold resistance by 100% so it's pretty neat.
0.827 If you're in a low econ server it's probably best to try and boost your stats so and apply for a transfer to a higher econ server that will better suite your needs.
0.827 It's small but considering how cheap the consumable it's super worth it.
0.818 But cheap food that requires prep time sucks in game play, but will give you constitution bonuses over time, and may even unlock some of the 'muscle suit' avatars and skins, as well.
0.813 This account was also the only one to earn a perfect score enabled access to the eternal life DLC. The perfect score is transferred to those in His guild over the course of time.
0.784 Try to find a way to help people, that works best long term.
0.784 Players should be better rewarded for playing the objective

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.920 Generally speaking, rollover damage is low; the main drivers of rollover damage are poor car design and impact with an immovable obstacle.
-0.866 On the USA server, the players divided into two factions: one that exploited the glitch and wanted to keep using it, and one that thought it was unfair and wanted to ban it.
-0.815 I have had a lot of trouble finding currency as well so I just ended up joining the McDonalds guild but now my character has a DEPRESSION status effect, how exactly can I get rid of it?
-0.804 Lately i've been thinking of a really stupid but kind of intriguing au. Everything is the same, but the player-created health item Cheetos are considered illegal
-0.796 The cheating bastard only gave that one guy the headsup too.
-0.784 The thing is in the Australia Server literally no player has been able to OP kill a group of melee-focused players or NPCs since the whole Port Arthur map incident.
-0.767 Since the way I had fallen faced me AWAY from this branch my hood got caught. TL;DR Missed a QuickTime event and barely escaped fall damage or decapitation.
-0.700 Today my Wife got a critical fail on driving and drove off the road, overcorrected and flipped 4 times landing in a ditch.
-0.691 She transforms and kill different kinds of bosses.
-0.683 My city doesn't give rewards, but it does have drop boxes where you can empty your inventory of junk items and if you put the right items into the right boxes you get a little emotion buff.
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