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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.973 I'm British but god damn I was cheering for Phelps to get one last gold. Super happy we got the silver, hopefully we can do better in 2020.
0.968 hahah them 80's animes used Supercampeones, hahaha a soccer anime where Japan almost wins a world cup xD XD XD
0.958 I'm perfectly OK with all the happy fun time charming camaraderie there is going on, we need it.
0.956 we did great job as well, be in the final 8 list and compete with those great athletics is already a great honor for our runners
0.951 is a great pick and a great athlete, but some people thought Andre DeGrasse would have been a great pick too, but Penny is still amazing.
0.951 I don't know their names and nobody cares but they are there just a few seconds behind the best in the world - and that's pretty darn good.
0.949 It seems like the point of awarding the Olympics to a country if to give officials an opportunity to award contracts to friends and supporters.
0.948 This small glimpse of hope need to be a nice incentive to bring the country back to where it rightfully belongs: a great nation with a glorious future.
0.947 Sometimes it's nice to step away and enjoy just the Olympics, but it's great that people have places to go and talk about their love for it.
0.944 If the Olympic spirit is to foster interchange and good will between nations, surely compassion and good sportsmanship are worthy ideals.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.947 World war 3 pissed off you say? Can we just kill you and stop ww3 prematurely then?
-0.934 Fuck NBC, because fuck Bob Costas and triple fuck off Matt Lauer. Holy shit what am I even watching?
-0.919 The scoring system is shit even when there is no cheating, and cheating happens *all the time*
-0.917 If not for anything, the people that started the political conflicts are long dead at this point, and the fight is stupid.
-0.914 I don't care if people didn't like the opening ceremony and didn't think they were missing anything, it's still fucking rude of NBC. Fuck them, I'll watch the rest of the Olympics elsewhere.
-0.907 NBC and all the corrupt fucks in charge of airing this shit with commercials in the middle of the ceremony can go straight to fucking hell.
-0.903 Feel bad for him, he looked so disappointed and frustrated after the race.
-0.903 And if you are going to delay, don't skip the first 16 fucking points of the 3rd set in woman's volleyball during a commercial, but show 5 minutes of injury you fucking cunts
-0.902 Can't give any names, but they constantly tell me of all the bullshit and blatant cheating in the system.
-0.888 Hell everyone in front of him fell over and he was able to avoid the chaos and cross the line first.
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