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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.934 "Jennifer Lawrence is a star by virtue of being both lovely and irrepressibly earthy, a glamorous young woman whod be the first to laugh if she let out a fart." High praise from Vulture
0.860 I image older people touching the picture and speaking the word 'forward.' It's pretty cool, don't kill it!
0.850 >Its pretty cool dont kill it This should be said about more things on a daily basis for forever
0.848 xoxo love Joan.
0.840 :) :) :) That was so clunky to read, why do people do this?
0.813 was his best friend punctuation?
0.791 I love chocolate ice cream LoL gladys your such a hoot
0.771 Haha congrats!
0.757 Your grand babies are adorable, Agnes!
0.700 Hope the anal itching got any better.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

Score Sentence
-0.855 This is so ridiculously embarrassing, it gots to be fake!
-0.687 Corn taco tit yellow man CANCEL AUTOMODERATOR is with the LORD now chicken STOP
-0.649 Jody is dead
-0.649 All kittens are dead.
-0.649 All kittens are dead.
-0.649 Grandma's dead
-0.625 The worst is the "questions and answers" on Amazon...
-0.585 Such hostility towards old people!
-0.569 Elaine Trouble sounds like quite the mad lad
-0.557 cause that seems to have died too...
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