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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.925 For these people, I am genuinely happy and I truly hope that President Trump creates the future they're hoping for.
0.916 I'm glad you managed to get out of it and I hope you're going to be more happy and healthy in the future.
0.915 You'll be amazed by how much their love and support will help you.
0.900 It takes a ton of courage to admit that you need help, and even more to actively seek that help out.
0.900 My boyfriend and I were best friends before we started a relationship, and I had built him up to be a perfect person in my head.
0.895 That's amazing :) happy birthday!
0.886 Yes we working things out, and honestly everything is great now!!
0.886 Sounds like you are a nice person and a good friend.
0.866 I know he would have been proud of the car im restoring, i wish he was here to help me.
0.863 thank you <3 trying my best with my the cards I've been given.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

Score Sentence
-0.948 No one will ever understand the pain, suffering, guilt, anger, and shame you have felt/are feeling/will continue to feel.
-0.940 I have no place in the world, but what really kills me is the fact that I will die alone.
-0.926 Because I'm going to deliver to you some hard shit, coming from a person who's been suicidal for 11 years. 1: This shit is gonna be hard.
-0.898 You experienced compounded trauma by both the death and the abuse.
-0.894 I find the idealized fantasy situation incredibly sexy, but I understand that rape in real life is a very serious, dark, wrong thing.
-0.886 What the fuck is wrong with you bandwagon assholes?
-0.886 What the fuck is wrong with you bitch?
-0.869 Sadly from experience I know it doesn't work on the long run and that it just leads to disappointment and anger.
-0.867 You're being 'crucified' because many people think it shouldn't be on women to prevent rape, but on the rapists and society to do so.
-0.865 People are so goddamn fucked up.
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