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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.971 If you're part of that 63% you better hope you're lucky enough to have a vehicle in perfect working order, have perfect health, perfect teeth, and hope nothing ever happens to any of it.
0.933 Does this include the people who would be ruined by a $500 bill but have a safety net of some kind like parents that would be willing to help them out?
0.929 I like these segments and they're very informative but I wish the jokes were toned down a little, it's like they try to fit one in every 20 seconds.
0.924 Some people are just dumb or don't think critically, but it is admirable and pretty rare for someone to just eat their words and change their mind regarding a pretty divisive issue.
0.919 No, but we've been blessed as human beings with the ability to care about multiple issues at once, regardless of relative 'badness'.
0.912 Amazing how less exciting something is when it's easy to get and nobody cares.
0.910 They're pretty great, one of the things I love most about this country, actually.
0.908 In a perfect world, a perfect police force would be so effective it would work itself out of a job.
0.908 Congratulations, you've won the Edgy Teen of The Day Award!
0.904 They explained that before playing it and said "if you really truly love this song, you support gay rights."

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.950 Fuck this dumbass bitch idgaf if she has come around she is a cancer on this planet that is spreading at an alarming rate.
-0.947 Kill kill kill!
-0.946 Just wait till the baby is born then kill the bitch, simple. Also during delivery give the piece of crap a hysterectomy to prevent this shit from happening again.
-0.936 wouldnt it be awesome if we had a team of superheroes who ambush whatever piece of shit subhuman makes such a decission and kills him medieval torture style?
-0.935 The unethical shitheads keep getting promoted and everyone acts surprised when the company is suddenly run by shitheads making unethical shithead moves.
-0.934 But when you think about things do to others, such as armed robbery, and murder, they really aren't that innocent. And that's why we should kill all gun owners... /s
-0.931 Maybe next time they wont vote in some idiot republican who replaced elected officials with a fascist idiot, who chooses to ignore warnings that they need to fucking study his fucking plan.
-0.926 Bad guy gets injured severely, good guy gets revenge, money and debt card back and icing on the cake, no criminal charges. Sounds like a good day to me.
-0.926 Starbucks dodged a huge bullet there, that is goddamn hazardous as hell. Shit guys, 3rd degree burns are skin graftingly bad.
-0.919 In Canada, that would be attempted murder. Edit: Judging by the downvotes I guess I have to actually state that I disagree that it should be attempted murder.
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